Two Kentucky women’s clinics—Partners in Women’s Health and Advocates in Women’s Health—install NovaRad’s NovaPACS to help improve reading, workflow, patient scheduling, and procedures tracking. 

NovaPACS is NovaRad‘s complete, turnkey PACS offering fast image retrieval, full-feature viewer with intuitive interface, and 7-year on-site archive with off site emergency back up. Full screen viewing, easy to use menus and mouse-based functions are available to help enhance efficiency and referring physicians have complete access to images and reports from any computer.

NovaPACS provides CR, a high resolution mammography printer, viewer/workstations for mammography, off-site disaster recovery, redundant on-site RAID 5 servers, document scanning, film digitizer and software and hardware replacement.

Since the installation, the clinics have already realized a return on their investment. The PACS has also simplified and streamlined the sharing of studies with other clinics in the medical group.