Roswell, Ga-based North Fulton Hospital has procured a new Carestream Touch Prime XE ultrasound system, making it one of the first healthcare facilities in the United States to do so. The 202-bed, acute care hospital will utilize the system—which can accommodate all scanning positions with the swipe of a badge—in radiological, obstetrical and gynecological, and vascular settings. Touch Prime XE is also customizable to each sonographer.

Tracy Wilkinson, North Fulton Hospital’s director of imaging services, says hospital personnel selected the system for its ease of use, ergonomics, and workflow advantages. “During the evaluation process, our sonographers quickly recognized that this system is more user-friendly, offers faster access to images, and eliminates tedious manual steps that are required with older ultrasound systems,” she says.

Wilkinson notes that the ability to save time in the detection and visualization of complex flows can help accelerate sonographers’ productivity. Fortunately, she says, Carestream’s Smart Flow Imaging technology visualizes blood flow in all directions, independent of imaging angle. In addition, Touch Prime XE’s Smart Flow Assist technology can automatically update beam steering, gate position, and angle correction—even when the transducer is moving. This eliminates the need for repeated manual adjustments by the sonographer.

Carestream’s Touch Prime XE also features the manufacturer’s SynTek architecture, a combination of technologies that reduce noise and artifacts while providing enhanced spatial detail with increased frame rates—thus allowing clinicians to better visualize moving structures. The system is capable of frame rates greater than 100Hz and includes optional features such as a Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine package, a barcode, and radiofrequency identification badge readers.

For more information about this technology, visit Carestream.