Varian Medical Systems has obtained FDA 510(k) clearance to market the Nexus DR, a high-resolution x-ray system utilizing a digital radiography detector. A single common imaging platform for general radiographic procedures (excluding fluoroscopy, angiography, and mammography), the Nexus DR can replace conventional film techniques or existing digital systems in multipurpose or dedicated applications.

An image detector, a computer, a high-resolution monitor, and the company’s proprietary image processing software make up the system’s major components; each system can be configured to process data from multiple detectors. Building on Varian’s digital imaging software and workstation solutions, the Nexus DR is intended for installation into new or existing radiographic rooms or for use in mobile x-ray systems.

“Nexus DR enables an operator to acquire, display, process, transmit, export images to portable media, and send images over a network for long-term storage,” says Carl LaCasce, vice president of sales and marketing for Varian’s imaging components group. “The advanced image processing algorithms in the Nexus DR make it possible to bring out diagnostic details that can be difficult to see using conventional imaging techniques.”

What’s more, the Nexus DR fully complies with European Medical Device Directive provisions and will soon be CE marked.

For more information about this system, visit Varian.