A compendium of vendor Web sites to help you find just the right place to purchase, lease, or repair your medical equipment.

  Acceletronics Inc, Exton, Pa, services and supports most manufacturers’ oncology systems. The company provides new digital radiotherapy imaging systems, new portal imagers, image network integration services, preowned and reconditioned treatment systems, system relocations, installs, and inspections. Acceletronics’ systems are registered to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards. For additional information, visit www.acceletronics.com.

  Alpha Source Inc, Milwaukee, is a distributor of technical product solutions for the health care market. Founded in 1986, the company is an international provider of equipment, service, and supplies with expertise in specialty lamps and batteries. Thousands of customers worldwide utilize Alpha Source’s computerized cross-referencing. For additional information, visit www.alphasource.com.

  Ampronix Inc, Irvine, Calif, is an international sales and service organization specializing in video-imaging equipment for medical-imaging systems, such as CRT monitors, flat-panel LCDs, video printers, and VCRs. The Ampronix service center is designed to meet the needs of medical professionals dealing with medical-imaging equipment through its sales, service, and repair capabilities. For additional information, visit www.ampronix.com.

  BC Group International Inc, St Louis, provides test and measurement equipment for the worldwide technical services marketplace. The ISO 9000–certified company is a “one-stop shop,” offering sales of test equipment and tools, plus calibration and repair services for most types of test equipment. BC Group’s product line includes gauges, controllers, transducers, sensors, and test equipment. For additional information, visit www.bcgroupintl.com.

  Conquest Imaging, Stockton, Calif, is committed to fulfilling customers’ ultrasound equipment needs. Conquest specializes in Acuson products and is ready to help customers, whether they are looking to purchase a new system or a certified refurbished system. The company handles a wide range of OEM products to cover clients’ parts or accessories supply needs. Conquest Imaging services companies in northern California, Nevada, and Arizona and has a staff of factory-trained personnel with more than 50 years of field-service experience. For additional information, visit www.conquestimaging.com.

  Curbell Inc, Orchard Park, NY, offers a full line of biomedical health care equipment, as well as replacement solutions for health care communication parts and accessories. For more than 40 years, Curbell has been serving hospitals, system integrators, and long-term care facilities. The company’s specialized product line includes parts and accessories for nurse-call systems, health care beds, televisions, and fall-management products. For additional information, visit www.curbellelectronics.com.

  Dale Technology Corp, Carson City, Nev, manufactures biomedical test instruments, including electrical safety analyzers, patient simulators, and ultrasound transducer testers. Dale Technology’s product line has expanded considerably since its development in 1972 and includes test instruments designed to verify the performance and calibration of medical devices such as defibrillators, external pacemakers, infusion pumps, electrosurgical generators, rigid endoscopes, and radiology equipment. For additional information, visit www.daletech.com.

  DITEC Inc (Diagnostic Imaging Technical Education Center), Solon, Ohio, is a registered proprietary school providing service and management training in the diagnostic-imaging industry. All DITEC instructors are International Certification Commission–certified radiological equipment specialists. The organization offers the only diagnostic-imaging systems applied-engineering diploma in diagnostic x-ray maintenance. The program provides academic preparation and training for career-oriented diagnostic imaging service specialists in the maintenance of systems in diagnostic radiology. For additional information, visit www.ditecnet.com.

  ENTECH, Tempe, Ariz, is an independent medical equipment service organization, providing on-site and depot repair service to more than 100 health care providers throughout Arizona. The company’s factory-trained technicians, physicists, consultants, facilities planners, and systems experts service physicians’ offices, freestanding clinics, and major medical centers. For additional information, visit www.entechaz.com.

  Express Systems & Parts Network Inc, Aurora, Ohio, provides diagnostic imaging equipment, biomedical equipment, and lab equipment and accessories to more than 6,000 hospitals throughout the United States and Canada. The company buys and sells imaging, biomedical, and lab equipment, in combination with x-ray systems. Express Systems and Parts Network also specializes in system inspections with comprehensive written evaluations and provides system reconditioning, electrocoat painting, and on-site custom crating. For more information, visit www.express-systems.net.

  Fluke Biomedical, Carson City, Nev, develops, manufactures, distributes, and services biomedical test instrumentation and software. Created by the integration of Bio-Tek Instruments and DNI Nevada, Fluke Biomedical is a worldwide provider of biomedical test and simulation products, such as stand-alone electrical safety testers as well as automated performance testing and documentation systems. For additional information, visit www.flukebiomedical.com.

  General Anaesthetic Services Inc (G.A.S.), Belmont, Calif, specializes in the service and supply of all types of anesthetic vaporizers. The company is ISO 9002–certified for the service of anesthetic vaporizers and customer care. Offering services in the United States and the United Kingdom, G.A.S. has a highly trained staff that understands the need for accuracy, customer care, and competitive pricing. For additional information, visit www.gas-worldwide.com

  Greenwich Instrument Co Inc (GiCi™), Greenwich, Conn, is an independent calibration and repair source for Dynalyzers and voltage dividers, DVMs, oscilloscopes, and digital multimeters. The company also stocks test cables for Dynalyzers and voltage dividers. GiCi is ISO 9002–certified and offers the service of buying, selling, and repairing high-voltage test equipment. For additional information, visit www.giciman.com.

  Huestis Medical, Bristol, RI, is an ISO 9000–registered manufacturer of new radiotherapy simulators, block cutters, accessories, and x-ray collimators. The company is a global participant in the radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging device markets. Huestis Medical provides practical, innovative engineering and extensive in-house machining and assembly facilities for most CNC turning, milling, drilling, and automated machining equipment. For additional information, visit www.huestismedical.com.  

  MedEquip Biomedical, Miami, is a nationwide independent service and repair center for physiological monitors and monitor-service components. The company rents and sells a variety of preowned, refurbished, and reconditioned physiological monitors and monitor service components, offering customers an alternative to buying new equipment and service parts. MedEquip Biomedical’s focus on physiological monitors has allowed the company to build a unique expertise that health care and biomedical-service organizations can use to ensure that their systems requirements are met with the right equipment at the right price. For additional information, visit www.medequipbiomedical.com.

  Medrad Inc, Indianola, Pa, is a recognized designer, manufacturer, and distributor of medical equipment used in radiology, cardiology, CT, MRI, ultrasound, and patient monitoring. Medrad provides service for all products sold and distributed by the company, including MR coils, injection systems, and patient monitors. For additional information, visit www.medrad.com.

  Metron, Grand Rapids, Mich, provides biomedical and clinical engineers with test and simulation equipment. Metron products are ISO 9001–certified and are designed to increase productivity, ensure safety, and simplify the equipment maintenance process. Products include testers for electrical safety, defibrillators, infusion pumps, ventilators, NIBP monitors, pulse oximeters, and ESU generators. For additional information, visit www.metron-biomed.com

  Michigan Instruments, Grand Rapids, Mich, designs and manufactures specialized medical equipment related to the fields of cardiovascular medicine, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and respiratory therapy. Michigan Instruments offers a variety of equipment, such as the Thumper SPR system, which provides cardiopulmonary resuscitation in accordance with the standards of the American Heart Association. The company also offers the Training Test Lung—a lung-simulation device used for mechanical ventilation performance and testing. For additional information, visit www.michiganinstruments.com.

  Multi Imager Service (MIS), Chino, Calif, is a marketer of new, preowned, and reconditioned laser imagers, dry imagers, video imagers, digital storage, VAS recorders, DICOM converters, and CR and DR systems. MIS offers a full-service lab, technical support, loaner, rental, lease, upgrade, trade-in programs, and service and parts contracts. The ISO 9001:2000–certified company is one of the largest service and support companies for large and small CRT-based imaging cameras and spare parts. For additional information, visit www.multiimager.com.

  Nexent Corp, Windsor, Ontario, a subsidiary of Nextair Corp, offers the Miracle Service and Miracle Service Accent business solutions. Both solutions are designed to manage sales, service, inventory, and contracts. The programs are easy to use and integrate with many accounting applications. Miracle Service business solutions from Nexent are customizable to meet the needs of any company regardless of its size or industry. For additional information, visit www.miracleservice.com.

  Precision Endoscopy of America Inc (PEA), Hunt Valley, Md, offers a ScopeSmart service program that provides a step-by-step process to increase the quality of flexible and rigid endoscope repair. The company also offers preowned endoscopy equipment and accessories, financing and leasing programs, education and training programs, and complete on-site surgical instrumentation repair. For additional information, visit www.precisionendoscopy.com.

  Prescott’s Inc, Monument, Colo, procures preowned microscopes from hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities that have changed or expanded their microscope capabilities. All units brought into Prescott’s are disassembled into basic components by teams of specialists. These components, along with additional parts, accessories, and upgrades, are then applied in the reconstruction of each microscope. For additional information, visit www.surgicalmicroscopes.com.

  Pronk Technologies, South Pasadena, Calif, provides specialized diagnostic tools that are tailored for work in the field. The company focuses on products such as its SimCube that are simple to use, rugged, and compact. Pronk Technologies also offers consulting services for biomedical and wireless product development. For additional information, visit www.pronktech.com.

  PTW-New York Corp, Hicksville, NY, designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes high-quality dosimetry and quality control equipment mainly for use in radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, and health physics. The company performs radiological calibrations for dosimeters used in radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology, and health physics, which are directly traceable to the primary standard. PTW also provides product support, repairs, and calibrations to its equipment. For additional information, visit www.ptw.de.

  Puritan Bennett, Pleasanton, Calif, a part of Tyco Healthcare, has been developing innovative mechanical ventilation and respiratory care devices for more than 50 years. Our long-term commitment to respiratory-product development and strong support of the respiratory-care profession has made Puritan Bennett the recognized market leader in many segments of patient care. We offer products ranging from home-oxygen-delivery systems to sleep-therapy products to sophisticated mechanical-ventilation devices. For more information, visit www.puritanbennett.com.

  Quest International Inc, Irvine, Calif, an ISO 9001–registered company, comprises two divisions: the imaging systems division and the information technology solutions division. The imaging systems division offers sales, repair, service, and remanufacturing for all major medical display monitors, industrial display monitors, LCDs, flat-panel displays, and CRTs. The information technology solutions division provides hardware and software solutions, as well as professional services for new technologies and advanced information systems. For additional information, visit www.questinc.com.

  ReMedPar, Goodlettsville, Tenn, provides replacement parts and support services for medical equipment service organizations. ReMedPar provides a full range of specialized services for the medical equipment service industry, including a variety of installation, de-installation and transportation services. The company’s flexibility enables it to assemble multiple service offerings into one integrated package. For additional information, visit www.remedpar.com.

  Remin Kart-a-Bag, Joliet, Ill, is a manufacturer of lightweight, telescoping hand trucks that can handle as much as 500 lbs. All units have a push-button opening/closing mechanism and are made of heavy-duty aluminum and steel. The compact carts can be easily stored in small spaces. For additional information, visit www.kart-a-bag.com.

  Rieter Electronics, Spartanburg, SC, is an international repair and service center for industrial electronics. The company specializes in upgrading and repairing control panels, control units, motor inverters, interfaces, sensors, motion and drive systems, and small motor drivers. All Rieter engineers are PACE-certified in SMD soldering. For additional information, visit www.rieterus-es.com.

  Sonora Medical Systems, Longmont, Colo, is an ISO 9000–certified provider of aftermarket products and services to the diagnostic ultrasound and MRI markets. Since 1991, the company has expanded its list of offerings, which include ultrasound transducer testing and repair, refurbished OEM ultrasound transducers, replacement transducers, and refurbished ultrasound scanners. For more information, visit www.4sonora.com.

  Sound Imaging, Englewood, NJ, is a nationwide, multi-vendor ultrasound service offering technical expertise to a wide range of health care providers, including hospitals, imaging centers, and private office and veterinary practices. In addition to the company’s technical training, basic ultrasound physics training is also part of Sound Imaging’s program. The company’s engineers are clinically trained in all ultrasound imaging modalities. For additional information, visit www.soundimaging.com.

  Southwestern Biomedical Electronics Inc (SBE), Tulsa, Okla, is an authorized sales and service representative for Spacelabs products. Since the company’s establishment in 1976, SBE has evolved into a global service company repairing patient monitoring equipment while focusing on Spacelabs monitoring products. SBE offers advanced exchange and repair of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and assemblies used in Spacelabs’ products. For additional information, visit www.swbiomed.com.

  Technology Management Group (TMG), Winston-Salem, NC, engineers products for the diagnostic imaging equipment maintenance industry. TMG provides replacement parts for MRI, CT, nuclear, and x-ray equipment from most of the major OEMs, including GE, Picker, Toshiba, Siemens, and Philips. TMG also provides depot-level repairs for parts and imaging coils, and a full line of new replacement CT and x-ray equipment tubes. For additional information, visit www.tmgparts.com.

  TriMedx, Indianapolis, delivers solutions that allow health care professionals to focus on taking care of patients. TriMedx provides clinical engineering technicians with the proper tools, training, and information to enable administrators to gain control of their medical equipment assets. One such tool is the RSQ Software suite—a data-management program that provides a single portal for entering all equipment service and technician status information. For additional information, visit www.trimedx.com.

  United Medical Instruments (UMI), Fremont, Calif, is a provider of new and preowned ultrasound systems, ultrasound probes (transducers), and ultrasound parts. UMI offers ultrasound equipment manufactured by all major manufacturers. The company’s customer base consists of physicians, clinics, hospitals, and independent service organizations throughout North America, South America, India, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. For additional information, visit www.umiultrasound.com.

  Welch Allyn, Skaneateles Falls, NY, is a leading manufacturer of innovative medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices, cardiac defibrillators, patient-monitoring systems, and miniature precision lamps. The company has numerous manufacturing, sales, and distribution facilities located throughout the world. For additional information, visit www.welchallyn.com.