Allendale, N.J.-based Solutions in Critical Care announces that it has entered into a long-term agreement to carry Inovytec’s Ventway Sparrow EMS and MRI ventilators. The Ventway Sparrow is a line of transport and emergency ventilators designed to stand up to harsh conditions while providing advanced ventilation.

“Solutions in Critical Care strives to bring innovative technology to our customers in the U.S., and we have done just that with the introduction of the Ventway Sparrow,” says Bill Carmouche, vice president of business development at Solutions in Critical Care. “At only 1kg, it brings a level of care unprecedented in a ventilator of this size. We are looking to expand the use of ventilation for first responders and other frontline caregivers to provide a safe and effective tool in transporting critical patients.”

Key Product Features

The Ventway Sparrow provides a strong continuum of ventilation, supporting all the major ventilation modes for adults and pediatric patients (invasive and noninvasive). Its key features include:

  • A compact size: Weighing only 1kg, the Ventway Sparrow is suited for patient transport, both inside and outside of the hospital.
  • Oxygen-independent operation: By utilizing a turbine to draw ambient air from its surroundings, the ventilator does not rely solely on an external oxygen supply.
  • Continuum of ventilation: From the point of injury to the hospital, the Ventway Sparrow provides continual ventilation.
  • Easily maintained: The ventilator is low maintenance, according to company officials.