Do you have any benchmark information on the cost to maintain various models of ultrasound devices? Do you have any benchmark information on the number of probe repairs for various models?

Estimating the cost of ownership for any particular piece of ultrasound can be a little difficult. I have no hard data that would cover particular models and with variables such as internal or external service, or replacement parts that may be sourced from the manufacturer or from a quality conscious, independent parts provider, it would be difficult to model. Our experience has shown that our customers can save in excess of 60% of what they were budgeting for OEM service by managing their own maintenance with the added benefit of reducing downtime and loss of revenue.

Regarding probes and the number of probe failures you can expect, a good rule would be to allow one probe replacement per system per year. This generally allows for aging, accidental damage, and wear and tear. A good maintenance program will allow you to catch failures and potential failures early, which will reduce repair costs, allow for the arrival of loaner probes, and the time to schedule the repairs that need to be done.

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