FUJIFILM SonoSite has received CE mark approval for its X-Porte Ultrasound Kiosk and has begun shipping the device to customers within the European market. The company describes it as the world’s first ultrasound kiosk.

According to SonoSite, the foundational advancement behind the X-Porte is a new proprietary imaging technology called Extreme Definition Imaging (XDI). It significantly reduces visual clutter from side-lobe artifacts that affect all ultrasound imaging regardless of system size and allows the user to achieve much higher resolution.

The X-Porte has an adjustable height and gesture-driven touchpad for use in a standing or sitting position. According to SonoSite, the kiosk’s slender profile lends itself to easy navigation down corridors and alongside patient beds and has a detachable use option for low-footprint environments. The X-Porte ultrasound core can be easily detached from the kiosk as well as simply upgraded though straightforward software updates or an engine exchange.

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