Maquet, Wayne, NJ, recently equipped its showroom in Kobe, Japan, with Barco MDSC-2124 HD surgical displays.

The Maquet Academy showcases Maquet’s hybrid operating room concept. The new facility features Maquet products, a fully integrated Philips angiography system, and a series of Barco MDSC-2124 surgical displays.

Barco’s 24-inch wide-screen MDSC-2124 surgical display features a bright, high-resolution LCD panel that provides surgeons with panoramic views and depth perception. With its broad input connectivity, the display offers a versatile solution for high-definition endoscopy cameras, room and boom cameras, ultrasound, picture archiving and communication system, and patient information. Enhanced with Barco’s image processing algorithms, such as motion adaptive de-interlacing and noise reduction, the MDSC-2124 delivers artifact- and lag-free images.