Enhancements to Carestream’s digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) module include a slabbing tool, improved workflow capabilities, and the display of DICOM-compliant 2D synthetic views (which are generated from the 3D dataset). According to the company, the DBT module adds advanced workflow capabilities and specialized tools to help optimize the reading of digital breast tomosynthesis exams at the same time as other procedures.

“In my personal experience, DBT tools enable me to detect small lesions that I did not detect on other breast imaging exams, and … also decreased the need to recall patients for additional testing,” said Harmindar Gill, MD, medical director, Premier Women’s Radiology. Gill uses Carestream’s DBT tools on a Carestream Vue Mammo Workstation.

The new slabbing tool combines slices of a DBT series, while allowing the user to choose different rendition modes and slab thicknesses. The generation of 2D synthetic views is an alternate approach to acquiring conventional 2D mammography views, which can help reduce the radiation dosage a patient is exposed to while allowing for the benefits of digital breast tomosynthesis.