Viztek, a provider of digital software and hardware diagnostic imaging solutions, is displaying its portfolio of DR and PACS offerings at the Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) meeting & exposition in Las Vegas, July 19–22, 2015.

The company will demonstrate the functions of its Leggera/ViZion + DR Panels, the company’s line of DR panels that are suitable for use in any new or retrofit system. They use passive trigger technology for ease of integration and flexible usage. The panels can be sold as complete new dual detector rooms, u-arms, and straight arms, as well as retrofit options, and come in both Cesium and Gadolinium technology, in 17×17 fixed, 14×17 wireless, and 14×17 tethered options.

Viztek is also exhibiting its U-Arm DR, which includes good image quality with greater visualization of soft tissue and bones from the same study exposure. The single workstation system is said to improve productivity and decrease the chance of operator error, while the user-friendly controls allow for a more confident diagnosis.

Among the company’s other offerings will be the previously introduced Ultra DR customizable imaging software, which allows physicians and technologists to preset controls to capture their preferred views. Also available is the Pediatric Imaging Package, which aligns with the goals and recommendations of the American College of Radiology’s (ACR’s) Image Gently initiative. The system alerts the technologist about the necessary steps to take in order to reduce dose during pediatric exams.

The Exa PACS also provides a user-friendly platform that efficiently manages data. The fully web-based PACS platform is supported on any device, enabling immediate, remote access to full PACS functionality, according to Viztek. The Exa PACS also integrates with the company’s Exa EHR to store and share data required for Meaningful Use and for access to a patient’s complete medical history, providing a more informed diagnosis. The intelligent linking feature between the EHR and PACS is intended to eliminate the need for physicians to manually search for outside comparison images.

For more information about the products listed above and the company’s line of hospital solutions, visit the Viztek website or its AHRA booth (#518).