Eaton Corp has announced the availability of network devices that provide accurate time stamping and synchronization across all power system components.

The Power Xpert Network Time Servers can help organizations utilize network time synchronization to ensure the integrity of network operations and applications. The servers synchronize equipment clocks using the IT industry standard network time protocol (NTP), so facility managers can accurately correlate events at different points in the power system to effectively trace problems or critical events back to their sources.

A microprocessor clock can gain or lose between one and 10 seconds per day creating a yearly time difference of six to 60 minutes. Eaton’s Power Xpert Network Time Servers are Stratum 1 network devices that provide coordinated universal time. By communicating through traditional GPS and code division multiple access cellular broadcast signals, the servers are accurate to within 100 nanoseconds of UTC time.

Power system components such as Eaton’s Power Xpert 4,000/6,000/8,000 meters, which are capable of obtaining 100,000 data samples per cycle, can then be simultaneously coordinated throughout the power system to within one millisecond just by being on the local area network.