Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc put on a live demonstration of two challenging medical procedures using Toshiba’s Infinix CF-i/BP imaging system at the Pediatric Interventional Cardiac Symposium in Las Vegas this week.

Zahid Amin, MD, who was performing a closure of coronary artery fistula and a stent placement in branch pulmonary artery, said that the equipment has significantly improved the ability to perform complex procedures in a pediatric setting. “The improved C-arm movement, clearer images, and five-axis positioner make the Toshiba Infinix CF-i/BP ideal for performing these challenging procedures on small patients,” said Amin.        

Toshiba’s Infinix CF-i/BP Vascular X-ray system features a unique five-axis design that allows the C-arm to move around the exam table to obtain angles and positions for cardiac and general angiography. The Toshiba high-definition flat panel detector delivers high contrast and dynamic resolution, allowing for easy visualization of small details including intricate blood vessels and small devices such as catheters.