Franciscan Health Rensselaer, located in Rensselaer, Ind., has purchased a new Carestream DRX-Excel Plus radiography fluoroscopy system and a Carestream DRW-Evolution Plus to enable the delivery of high-quality x-ray images. Such a move will improve physician access and patient care at the critical-access hospital, Carestream executives say.

The DRX-Excel Plus delivers such productivity-enhancing capabilities as a positioning pedal that allows operators to work with their hands free, which helps with interventional exams; the system’s remote control can be used to move the table from any location in the room. With its ergonomic design, the system can conduct contrast exams using fluoroscopy that is associated with a radiography image. The DRX-Excel Plus can also be used to perform specialized contrast procedures that record fluoroscopy and radiography sequences and interventional procedures.

For patients with limited mobility—including those in wheelchairs—the system’s elevating table can be tilted for fluoroscopy exams and lowered to enable flexible imaging.

With the DRW-Evolution Plus’ wall stand and four-way floating top table, technologists can capture x-ray images. The system can be used to expedite cross-table and other difficult imaging studies, and it comes with an extended tube column, a motorized wall stand, a new generator, and a motorized or non-motorized overhead tube. Optionally, a table for accommodating patients weighing up to 705 pounds is available.

“Both systems represent major upgrades to our current equipment,” says Cindy Reed, director of radiology at Franciscan Health Rensselaer. “We evaluated the DRX-Excel Plus at [the Radiological Society of North America’s 2015 conference] and were extremely impressed with its efficient design that can increase workflow, reduce manual actions by technologists, and help reduce dose.”

For more information about these systems, visit Carestream.