In order to enhance its radiology services, Murray-Calloway County Hospital in Murray, Ken, recently installed two Carestream portable x-ray systems and a room-based x-ray imaging system.Carestream300x200

“Our nine-bed surgical suite has a full schedule of patients who need vascular, orthopedic, bariatric and other types of surgery,” says Heidi Hordyk, the hospital’s director of radiology. “One of our DRX-Revolution systems is dedicated to surgical patients and is continuously in use. This system allows surgeons to review images in seconds, delivers excellent image quality, and has dramatically reduced dose.”

Another DRX-Revolution system is used for ER patients and inpatients, and the hospital also installed a DRX-Ascend system for more general x-rays. The room-based DRX-Ascend offers a tube stand and the choice of either a standard float-top table or an elevating float-top table.

Carestream’s administrative analysis and reporting software will allow the hospital to monitor techniques used by each technologist, Hordyk says, and make sure patients receive the correct dose for each type of exam.

For more information about these systems, visit Carestream Health.