Royal Philips Electronics has completed the first installation of its Ambient Experience solutions in an x-ray setting at Nemours Children’s Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla.

The Ambient Experience feature integrates architecture, design, and technology in order to lessen stress on patients. The theme, lighting, visuals, and sounds are all controlled by a touchscreen tablet and can be manipulated by the patient for his or her comfort.

“There’s a sense of curiosity and interest in the room itself that helps keep patients’ minds off of the actual exams. They feel a sense of empowerment when given the chance to choose their own environment," said Debbie Merinbaum, MD, chairperson, division of pediatric radiology, department of medical imaging, Nemours Children’s Clinic. “We’ve also found Ambient Experience helps reduce patient movement, which can contribute to shorter exam times and increase throughput. The entire solution helps improve clinical workflow."