The American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE) has released its 2013-14 educational teleconference series. The sessions offer educational opportunities each month, beginning in August, that cover a range of topics.

The cost of the sessions varies depending on number of total sessions purchased and the status of the purchaser’s ACCE membership.

Below, find the summary of all 10 sessions:

September 12—Alarm Management Best Practices.
The webinar will provide resources and proven systems based on best practices to enhance alarm management and meet the Joint Commission recommendations.

October 10—Career Development/Succession Planning
Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing internal resources that can fill key roles in the organization. This roundtable session will showcase a trio of organizations that are successfully managing succession planning.

November 14—CE Productivity Benchmarking
Learn from Binseng Wang, Aramark Healthcare Technologies, about how reliable indicators and solid data can lead to better productivity measurements.

December  12—Clinical Engineering Department Management
This session focuses on how to educate new mangers or people hoping to enter management positions.

January 9—RTLS 2.0
Real Time Location Systems are only as good as their ability to integrate into the EMR, CMMS, and third-party applications. This comprehensive approach is known as RTLS 2.0. Learn about the latest technologies and strategies in this emerging solution.

February 13—IHE/PCD: Advancing Products and Integrated Workflows
This session will review the latest work of PCD and provide a practical examples describing how the standards can be leveraged by clinical engineers in the field.

March 13—CE/IT: Change Management Best Practices
When everything is interconnected, small changes can have outsized, unexpected effects. This session will review the basics of a change management program.

April 10—CE/IT: Wireless Security
As more and more systems go wireless, outside threats become at-risk. This section reviews best practices that Clinical Engineers can utilize as they assess and implement wireless solutions.

May 8—Continuous Care Model (Home, Hospital and Back Again)
Learn how leading Clinical Engineering programs are supporting their organizations in developing Home Health, Telehealth and mHealth solutions.

June 12—Hybrid OR: Emerging Technology
Learn about the latest equipment used in Hybrid ORs

For more information, visit the ACCE website.