Once again, the AAMI Foundation is accepting applications for a grant program supporting research that will enhance the safe adoption and use of health technology. Recipients of the Mary K. Logan Research Awards are eligible to receive up to $80,000 in funding for their projects.

For 2021, marking the fifth anniversary of the award, applicants have an extended deadline. Final submissions are due February 26.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been disruptive to our work and home lives alike, but it hasn’t stopped people from having great ideas,” says Steve Campbell, acting president and CEO of AAMI and executive director of the AAMI Foundation. “We want to give deserving researchers and innovators ample time to apply for this grant, as it is inspired ideas that push us towards better, safer healthcare technology.”

The awards program, which was named in honor of AAMI’s former president and CEO, was established in 2016 with a gift from the association’s board of directors. Research topics can vary widely—focusing on, for example—device technology, processes, sterilization, dialysis, healthcare technology management, and other issues. Priority is given to topics that do not have other available sources for funding. Junior investigators with strong mentorship are encouraged to apply.

Research projects should seek to:

  • Yield results that can be applied or used by other healthcare organizations
  • Improve methods of patient safety with a defined and direct path to implementation into patient care settings
  • Study problems for which deeper understanding is needed before effective solutions can be applied

In 2020, the AAMI Foundation Board awarded a total of more than $119,000 to support two data-driven initiatives. With the funding received by the Mary K. Logan Research Awards, Ekundayo Shittu and his team at George Washington University are developing a software tool that will enable the HTM community to evaluate the effect their alternative equipment maintenance programs have on patient safety, equipment availability, and cost reduction.

Moreover, Poching DeLaurentis’ research at Purdue University focuses on collecting data from smart infusion pumps and collaborates with clinicians who use them daily. With support from the Research Awards, DeLaurentis and her team are creating an infusion safety dashboard for the community-supported Regenstrief National Center for Medical Device Informatics web portal (CatalyzeCare.org).

New 2021 applications for the Logan grant should be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. EST on February 26, at www.AAMIFoundation.org/MKL-Awards.