A survey of 195 US hospitals recently conducted by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation identifies the 10 most problematic issues involving medical devices.

The AAMI survey found that the largest number of respondents, 62%, rated ensuring that networked devices and systems work properly as “challenging” or “extremely challenging.” Coming in second was integrating data into electronic health records, rated as a top concern by 52%. Third in the list, named by 44%, was maintaining infusion pump systems.

The remaining seven challenges in the list were as follows:

  • cybersecurity;
  • device incident reporting;
  • recalls;
  • spectrum and wireless management;
  • battery management;
  • endoscope management; and
  • nonhospital devices being brought in by patients.

The results of the survey appear in the September/October issue of AAMI’s BI&T (Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology) journal. The article is currently available from the journal’s highlights page.