Eitan Medical, a provider in advanced infusion therapy and drug delivery solutions across the care continuum, has earned International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 certification for the quality management system for production of its range of medical devices including its Sapphire infusion pumps and the Sorrel wearable drug delivery platform solution

This accreditation certifies that the quality system related to the manufacture of these devices is in compliance with the required standards to reduce negative environmental impact.

ISO 14001 comprises a set of standards specifying the necessary requirements for organizations to establish effective environmental management systems. This standard provides guidelines for help in reducing environmental impact, including pollution and carbon footprint, to advance environmental conservation. 

“Eitan Medical has made a concerted effort to assess and adapt our operations and manufacturing processes to meet these important industry standards. While we focus on developing solutions that heal people, we need to simultaneously ensure we aren’t harming the health of the planet,” says Igal Shany, CEO of Eitan Medical. “This certification reflects our dedication to creating a more sustainable healthcare ecosystem and exemplifies our core value of providing an environment in which people can live healthier and more enjoyable lives.”

Eitan Medical develops connected, patient-centric drug delivery and infusion solutions that are designed to improve patient and clinician quality of life across the continuum of care, including hospital, ambulatory, pre-hospital, and home care environments.

Eitan Medical’s product lines include the Sapphire infusion platform, providing connected infusion therapy systems in hospital and ambulatory settings; the Sorrel wearable drug delivery platform, a patient-centric on-body injector for delivery of biologic treatments; and Eitan Insights a cloud-based platform providing remote treatment data visibility for Eitan Medical’s devices. 

“As a developer and manufacturer, we are proud that the materials used in our product lines, internal procedures and waste management processes are in-line with global sustainability standards and values,” says Judith Antler, chief quality officer at Eitan Medical. “Our commitment extends to our educational framework, through which we provide ecological and sustainability awareness instruction, as well as new manufacturing training programs for employees to increase their knowledge and understanding of this critical issue.”