The APDI and PPN have teamed up for a pitch competition for pediatric device manufacturers to develop market-ready MCMs for children.

The Alliance for Pediatric Device Innovation (APDI) and Pediatric Pandemic Network (PPN) are hosting a pitch competition focusing on developing medical countermeasures (MCMs) for children’s healthcare needs during pandemics and disasters. MCMs are crucial for disaster readiness and response across various threats.

Winners of the competition will receive grant funding from the Health and Resources and Services Administration and support services from APDI and PPN. Successful progress in the first year may lead to a second-year funding opportunity. The competition prioritizes funding R&D for early-stage medical technologies designed for disaster response, with potential for additional federal agency funding.

“Children are our future, and our ability to improve care during emergencies, disasters and pandemics is of national importance,” says Kolaleh Eskandanian, PhD, MBA, vice president and chief innovation officer at Children’s National Hospital and program director of APDI. “We recognize that innovating for children involves a myriad of unique challenges, which is why we are providing funding and support resources to those innovations that rise to the top in the competition.”

Proposals should be oriented toward the development of a market-ready product, rather than the exploration of a scientific concept. Key considerations such as prototyping, manufacturing, marketing and regulatory clearance will be of paramount importance and should be addressed explicitly.

Collaboration with the small business community is encouraged, but not required. Submissions should have a focus on health equity and communities, especially rural and low-resource areas.

Applications are due February 15. Information and application instructions are available here.