Irving-Texas-based TruAsset announces that its TruAsset CMMS software now integrates with Asimily, a move that enables it to provide a complete medical device management solution, company officials say.

“TruAsset is excited to have implemented direct communications with the Asimily platform to offer a link between medical device security concerns, such as U.S. FDA recalls; common vulnerabilities and exposures, or CVE, reports; and network anomalies to the assets in TruAsset,” according to company officials. “This integration allows clients of TruAsset and Asimily to seamlessly stay ahead of security issues in the ever-changing network landscape we now work.”

They add that TruAsset computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software is continually evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of their healthcare customers. Moreover, as changes occur in the industry, they assert that TruAsset will continue integrating with the products their customers are using to streamline the process for HTM professionals. “These integrations allow increased efficiency in the preventative maintenance process and solid reporting through the CMMS software,” they conclude.