Fluke Biomedical’s OneQA software—a platform that helps automate biomedical QA/PM workflows—now integrates with Accruent’s TMS computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). 

It can be used alone or integrated into an existing asset management system. Accruent TMS customers can now add OneQA to their workflows to reduce or eliminate manual intervention from work order initiation through test report retention. OneQA software is designed to streamline and automates workflows for technicians, departments, independent service organizations, IDNs, and OEM service teams.

“Integrating OneQA with TMS will help biomedical departments be more automated while still meeting regulatory needs,” satsTerry Harris, Fluke Biomedical SaaS Healthcare Sales Executive.  “With OneQA, a TMS customer can integrate test equipment, testing protocols, test results, and with a select set of Fluke Biomedical tools, a series of fully automated test passes into their broader asset management system.”

One of the most widely used CMMS systems in US hospitals, Accruent TMS users are already familiar with the system’s software add-ons to help customers become more efficient.

Fluke Biomedical OneQA can integrate into a organizations workflow on three different levels:

  • Test Automation – OneQA pairs with Fluke Biomedical analyzers to automate testing via standardized and customizable test templates
  • Workflow Automation – With our pre-built CMMS integrations your work orders can automatically be updated with test results and reports
  • Workflow Integration – We offer a powerful set of APIs so you can customize how OneQA fits into your workflow to further automate your asset management system

“TMS customers could yield considerable time savings with OneQA,” says Kiran Jagilinki, product manager for Fluke Biomedical OneQA. “Work order checklists can be created in minutes and include images or notes to increase knowledge sharing.  Test results are recorded in OneQA and can be sent to TMS, all without manual data entry.”