Three medical engineering graduates of the University of South Florida catapulted themselves into the pandemic spotlight with their upgrade to the ventilator. Carolyna Yamamoto Alves Pinto, Abby Blocker, and Jacob Yarinsky took home first prize and $20,000, after winning a national competition for their device that allows multiple patients to be treated with a single ventilator.

The team came up with a device called the Eucovent that allows multiple patients to be treated with a single ventilator, addressing some safety concerns with a lower cost solution. Yamamoto Alves Pinto described how it works in a video they submitted for their competition.

“Unlike existing solutions that try to share the same breath between two patients, this device allows for the ventilator to alternate the breaths being delivered, giving the patients individualized ventilation based on their lung compliance and their needs,” said Yamamoto Alves Pinto.

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