Respiratory therapy company Movair, formerly known as International Biophysics Corp., announces the U.S. commercial launch of Luisa, a ventilator intended for use in homes, institutions, hospitals, or portable applications for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation. Luisa can be used through the U.S. FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization in response to the increasing need for safe and effective ventilators. Luisa is a portable and compact home ventilator—now available in the U.S. with high-flow oxygen therapy.

For patients with chronic and acute respiratory conditions that require long-term ventilation, prolonged compliance is critical. Weighing 8 pounds, Luisa includes a battery run time of up to 18 hours, and offers patients eight adjustable settings.

Luisa also features a rotatable 10-inch display and flexible connectivity options, allowing patients to integrate the ventilator into current lifestyle habits. Additionally, Luisa can be programmed in multiple languages so patients, families, and caregivers of diverse backgrounds can understand alarm notifications.

“Life-supporting ventilation with high-flow therapy using the Luisa device, proved to be a true asset during the most recent COVID-19 surge,” says Rami Arfoosh, MD, FCCP, pulmonary and critical care specialist and associate professor of medicine at Medical College of Georgia, AU/UGA Medical Partnership. “It provided a new option to meet the high-flow needs for some patients in their home environment. Those patients would have otherwise continued to occupy hospital beds because of the lack of equipment that meets their needs at home.”

Luisa provides respiratory support for nocturnally ventilated patients during the day with a less intrusive nasal cannula. High-flow oxygen therapy delivers a blend of air and oxygen that helps a patient’s inspiratory flow demand to increase oxygenation and decrease the workload of breathing.

“Increased respiratory patient illness, COVID-19, and product recalls have created a critical need for ventilators in the United States,” says David Shockley, CEO of Movair.

Luisa can be prescribed to patients diagnosed with chronic respiratory failure due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and interstitial lung disease—dependent on meeting certain qualifications. Luisa can provide high-flow therapy to patients that need at-home ventilation and also offers FIO₂ and SPO₂ monitoring and ventilation from 100 ml VT.

Featured image: The Luisa non-invasive/invasive ventilator with high-flow therapy is a third generation life supporting ventilator that is now available in the U.S. (Courtesy of Movair)