A team at McAfee Enterprise uncovered five security risks that could potentially wreak havoc on infusion pump products produced by B. Braun Medical, Inc. Douglas Key, a security researcher on the project, talked about the “flaws” discovered and the dangers posed.

“The crux of the vulnerabilities… is what can be done when those [flaws are] combined,” he says.

“Each vulnerability separately is not super interesting. But together, the vulnerabilities could allow a remote unauthenticated attack, where actors can access the device in an unintended manner and then… leverage the software on the device to let it do things it’s not intended to do,”he says.

In a statement to ISMG about the McAfee Enterprise research finding, B. Braun says: “We have a robust vulnerability disclosure program and when potential vulnerabilities are discovered, our goal is to mitigate potential risks as quickly as possible.”

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