Healthcare IT integrator Iatric Systems, Boxford, Mass, has announced an expanded partnership with AnMed Health, Anderson, SC. As part of the expanded relationship, Iatric Systems will integrate the hospital’s Health Care Systems (HCS) Medication Reconciliation software with its McKesson Horizon Clinicals hospital information system (HIS). This will allow AnMed clinicians to more easily access patient medication data, including home medications.

In addition, the company will connect the HCS system to the hospital’s GE Healthcare Centricity Perioperative solution so surgeons and anesthesiologists can see patient medication history without needing to switch between systems.

AnMed Health is also working with Iatric Systems to connect its Wellsoft Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) with McKesson Horizon Clinicals. With the two systems connected, inpatient clinicians are expected to have greater visibility into the care provided and the medication administered while the patient was in the emergency department.