Agfa Healthcare has announced that it will introduce its fully automated DR 600 multi-detector, high-productivity, high-throughput direct radiography (DR) solution at RSNA 2015, being held from November 29 to December 4 in Chicago. The system is still pending FDA clearance.

According to Agfa, the DR 600 is fully automated, which streamlines workflow, increases throughput, and enhances the DR experience for both patients and caregivers. The DR 600 is an integrated x-ray room with ZeroForce Technology, which enables manual movement of the tube head in all directions and is said to offer smooth operation with almost zero effort. The x-ray room’s auto-positioning and auto-tracking allow light, fast, and easy operation.

The system also has Agfa’s image processing software, MUSICA, which provides immediate previews that reduce time between exposures for a higher rate of throughput, resulting in a lower cost per exam. Exam independent, MUSICA automatically analyzes the characteristics of each image and optimizes processing parameters—independent of user input and dose deviations. As a result, minimal re- or post-processing is required.

The system offers users a choice of fixed, tethered, and wireless detectors with cesium iodide (CsI), which are said to provide dose reductions of 50%-60% compared to traditional barium fluoro bromide CR systems; or gadolinium oxy-sulphide (GOS) technology, which provides excellent image quality. The system’s collimators have a Dose Area Product meter that can optimize and automatically report doses. Short exposures offered by new dose sensing technology reportedly keep dose measurement accurate to the millisecond.

Agfa reports that the DR 600 system has a fully motorized wall bucky and vertical tracking with the tube, offering the option of DR full leg full spine (FLFS) with EasyStitch technology. Based on fully automated single-focus technology, EasyStitch is designed to minimize distortions. Angular tracking is available for dedicated exams, while motorized movement of the wall stand and tube head provides accurate stitching capabilities, for high precision in images. An optional table overlay allows FLFS to be performed right on the table.

The direct image capture capabilities and versatile panel formats of the DR 600 allow many different configurations. According to the company, each hospital can design the room it needs and migrate to direct radiography seamlessly—whether immediately implementing a full DR solution, or a cassette-based computed radiography (CR) solution that can later evolve to cassette-less DR when the hospital is ready.

For more information about the DR 600, visit Agfa Healthcare at RSNA 2015 in booth #1315, South Hall, McCormick Place.