Samsung NeuroLogica’s GC85A ceiling digital x-ray system is the latest in the company’s digital radiography (DR) series, reportedly offering more streamlined workflows and improved diagnostic confidence.

According to Samsung NeuroLogica, the system uses the S-Vue imaging engine, which is designed to provide dependable, accurate diagnoses in various conditions with reliably clear images, enhanced sharpness and clarity, and adjustable contrast presets. The wireless, lightweight S-Detector and portable grid clearly displays the patient’s body structure without increasing dose, while the Smart Control feature enables the operator to precisely position the entire system with one touch of the control panel’s buttons.

According to Samsung NeuroLogica, the system operator can use a remote control to move a motorized, tilting receptor from –20 to 90 degrees to various areas such as skulls or hands, eliminating the need for a table. An S-Align component helps improve imaging alignment by displaying the detector’s angle to the THU to enhance image quality during free exams, and the angle can be automatically fitted.

The GC85A has Smart Stitching, which is included to eliminate the need for patients to stand for long periods of consecutive shooting. The system’s S-Share compatibility feature helps ensure that the S-Detectors are compatible with Samsung DR systems, and can be used with detectors from other compatible Samsung DR equipment.

For more information about the GC85A and the company’s other DR systems, visit the Samsung website.