Mobile Digital X-ray SystemCanon USA Inc and Virtual Imaging Inc, a Canon USA Company, have announced the RadPro1 Mobile 40kW Flex digital x-ray system, an x-ray system that incorporates a new telescopic tube column that helps radiographic technologists maximize their lines of vision for safe transport when moving around a healthcare facility.

According to the two companies, the new functionality builds on the ease of maneuvering and positioning seen in the current RadPro Mobile 40kW system, while maintaining the ability to capture quality images for routine diagnosis or challenging trauma directly from a patient’s bed.

Designed to provide an effective mobile digital radiography solution for hospitals, clinics, and universities, the RadPro Mobile 40kW Flex digital x-ray system is said to improve visibility, as compared to the current 40kW system. Compatible with the Canon CXDI- 70C, 80C, 701C, 801C, and 401C wireless digital flat panel detectors, the system’s fast processing times make it easier to capture high-quality diagnostic images for routine diagnosis or challenging trauma, with flexibility in patient positioning.

Additionally, with a blend of mobility and power-saving advantages, the RadPro Mobile 40kW Flex digital x-ray system’s new counter-balanced telescopic column provides user-friendly positioning without draining battery power. The new lead crystal batteries have a long battery life, eliminating the need to recharge frequently. The dual battery configuration also allows for distributed power to the drive motors as well as to the generator.

The RadPro Mobile 40kW Flex digital x-ray system is sold by Virtual Imaging Inc and its authorized dealers. For more information, visit the Canon USA website.