Konica Minolta will introduce Version 2.0 of its handheld ultrasound system, Sonimage HS1, at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

According to the company, Version 2.0 combines features of the first generation Sonimage HS1, with new enhancements to improve image quality, ease of use, and wireless connectivity to provide a more streamlined approach. The Sonimage HS1 Version 2.0’s imaging quality includes greater differentiation, allowing clinicians to view subtle variations in the far field of the image to provide more accurate care for the patient. An increase of sensitivity in the color flow of the new version enables physicians to more clearly see the blood flow within a specific area of the body. Improved sensitivity to simple needle visualizations allows visualization of the needle more clearly within the tissue, even at deep angles, enabling safer and more efficient procedures.

The next generation of the Sonimage HS1 also gives physicians a wireless, hand carried ultrasound designed to help in workflow efficiency during diagnosis and treatment when hard wire connection is not possible, says the company. Based on feedback from customers and Konica Minolta’s ultrasound R&D team, Version 2.0 of the Sonimage HS1 was built to include optional features, such as the triple transducer port, keyboard kit, and three-pedal foot switch. The design team reportedly reduced keystrokes to just one touch of a button on many operations to further speed workflow and improve patient experiences. In addition, the cloud backup solution will automatically create a mirror image of the Sonimage HS1/ImagePilot system, including images, patient demographics, and system settings.

Konica Minolta is exhibiting the new version of Sonimage HS1 in booth #2729 at RSNA 2015. For more information about this handheld ultrasound system, visit the Konica Minolta website.