Royal Philips has announced that Lumify, its smart device ultrasound solution, is available for purchase by licensed healthcare providers or organizations in the US, and is offered as part of a new digital subscription model.

Philips reports that from its online portal, users will be able to order transducers, manage flexible subscriptions, and access Philips’ support, training, and IT services. Philips’ new ultrasound digital health approach is intended to connect off-the-shelf compatible smart devices, a mobile application, advanced ultrasound transducer technology, integrated IT, and support services to help healthcare providers improve patient care and reduce costs. Available with a monthly subscription, Lumify allows institutions to scale their ultrasound solution to meet their needs and environment without having to purchase imaging equipment. The subscription includes a transducer, app, access to the online portal, warranty and Philips’ support.

Since Philips debuted its smart device ultrasound concept in 2014, the company has enhanced the system’s clinical uses, including acute care and office practice. Intended to be a comprehensive solution, Lumify is designed to allow the use of ultrasound in more places through cloud-enabled and tablet technology, which brings greater connectivity, flexibility, and mobility. Lumify operates on user-supplied compatible Android smart devices equipped with Internet and email functionality. To use Lumify, users download The Lumify App from Google Play, connect their Philips transducer to their compatible smart device via USB, and launch the app to begin scanning.

The Philips transducers that are available as part of the subscription are said to support Lumify’s use in acute and emergency care, internal medicine, musculoskeletal (for example, orthopedics, sports medicine, and podiatry), urgent care, and routine practice. Philips’ transducer technology, paired with cloud-enabled and tablet technology, helps users make fast, informed diagnoses through a variety of scan types. Lumify’s scanning app allows users to examine the gall bladder, abdomen and lungs, in addition to having ob-gyn, vascular, superficial, musculoskeletal and soft tissue functionality.

The company reports that Lumify also uses cloud-enabled technology to connect with PACS, shared networks, and system directories. Additionally, data will be accessible on the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform, an open and secure, cloud-based IT infrastructure, allowing clinicians and health systems access to powerful data and analytics to help improve patient care.

Lumify is intended to grow with its users, and the company has plans for regular software updates and additional transducers, services and apps being released at regular intervals.

For more information about Lumify, visit the Philips booth #6736 at RSNA 2015, or visit the Philips website.