SonoSim, a global provider of ultrasound education and training, and GE Healthcare are expanding their partnership to include ultrasound training and education for GE Women’s Health and Urology Divisions. The two companies launched training for GE Healthcare’s Point-of-Care Ultrasound division in July 2015.

Called SonoSim 365 for GE Healthcare, the training partnership will be available to women’s health and urology clients with qualifying ultrasound systems. The end goal with the training is to increase the adoption of bedside ultrasound by health care providers.

“We are committed to offering clinicians and healthcare providers not only exceptional ultrasound technology, but also a comprehensive suite of education and training tools that helps to enable them to enhance their skills in the use of that technology, and ultimately provide better patient care,” says Tracy Bury, general manager of GE Women’s Health Ultrasound U.S. Bury highlights SonoSim’s simulation platform that allows clinicians to increase their scanning skills by learning about the basics of scanning and ways to navigate real-world, complex pathologic cases involving actual patients.

Noting the complexity of ob-gyn ultrasound specifically, Alfred Abuhamad, MD, chairman of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, says the training provided by SonoSim was valuable. “In my 25 years of practice, I’ve never come across an ultrasound platform as comprehensive as SonoSim,” he says.

Obstetricians and gynecologists are early adopters of point-of-care ultrasonography, according to Dan Katz, vice president of business development at SonoSim. “We are dedicated to helping save lives, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes through the use of ultrasound,” says Katz. “Our continued collaboration with GE Healthcare allows SonoSim to fulfill this core mission.”

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