Signostics recently announced that Uscan, its ultrasound device for bladder care that provides high-definition sonographic imaging, is now available for delivery in the United States. The product is also appropriate for use in urological catheter placement and wall thickness measurement, in addition to kidney exams.

Uscan comes with a five-year product warranty and no additional costs for calibration. Its integrated ultrasound mode isn’t available in similarly price systems and can be used in various hospital departments, including the emergency room, urology, maternity, pediatrics, and oncology, among others. Suited for on-the-go clinical care, the system includes a removable probe, handheld displays, and a high-resolution touch-screen tablet.

“We are very pleased to launch Uscan in the U.S., ensuring access to a new breakthrough in ultrasound technology that goes beyond the functionalities of conventional bladder scanners,” says Signostics CEO Kevin Goodwin. “Using a small handheld device, Uscan’s dual capabilities of providing intelligent visualization, coupled with high accuracy, allow an enhanced understanding of patient information and more confident point-of-care clinical decision making.”

Ryan Detzel, Signostics’ vice president of sales, concurs, adding: “Having Uscan units now available in the U.S. allows us to fulfill existing orders and provide evaluation units for customers who wish to test the newest technology in the ultrasound space.”

For more information about this product, visit Signostics.