Flexiscan, one of two new cryogen-free MRI pre-clinical scanners from MR Solutions, can be operated without specialist knowledge and through the use of predefined settings. This scanner can include integrated multimodality options such as PET or SPECT.

The company’s second cryogen-free MRI scanner is Powerscan, which allows physicists to alter the scanner’s hardware, pulse sequences, software, and algorithms for customized pre-clinical imaging research. The Powerscan range’s magnets run from 0.1T to 9.4T.

“Our pre-clinical MRI product ranges now cover the best of both words; the Flexiscan, a simple-to-operate system which is ideally suited to most research laboratories, and a second product family, the Powerscan, for scientists who would like the ability to customize their system’s configuration,” says David Taylor, PhD, CEO of MR Solutions.

A manufacturer of 3T pre-clinical MRI devices, MR Solutions made a bench-top scanner commercially available in 2012. Using superconducting magnets, the system eliminated the need for liquid helium cooling.

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