Zoeticx Inc announced at the mHealth Summit 2014 that it is launching an initiative to make middleware the standard operating system for EHRs. According to the announcement, made at the December  event held in Washington, DC, Zoeticx’s goal with the “Middleware Makes Healthcare” campaign is to raise awareness that middleware can improve EHR interoperability.

Zoeticx hopes that the campaign will unite EHR manufacturers, developers, CIOs, CMOs, hospitals, government organizations, investors, and medical app developers in standardizing on middleware as the backbone of EHR interoperability.

“Zoeticx believes middleware is the technology to drive change, innovation and disruptive transformation to solve EHR interoperability challenges,” said Thanh Tran, Zoeticx cofounder and CEO. “We base our products’ success and our reputation on it, but most importantly patient’s lives in some cases will depend on it, and believe it will help bring to an end the more than 1,000 patients who die daily from preventable medical errors.”

Zoeticx reportedly plans to target the medical and IT industries along with investors and partners throughout 2015 with a variety of marketing tactics to bring awareness to middleware as an interoperability solution.

According to Zoeticx, a server-based middleware framework supporting access to the various patient health data stores allows for a scalable, unified, and standardized platform upon which applications can be developed. Zoeticx uses middleware with its Healthcare Oriented Architecture software, enabling medical institutions to seamlessly connect multiple EMRs, resulting in a convenient, consistent and universal view of patient records from a single platform, regardless of where they reside.

More information about middleware, and the “Middleware Makes Healthcare” campaign, may be found on the Zoeticx website.