Acertara Acoustic Laboratories, Longmont, Colo, has announced that the company’s quality and regulatory affairs manager, Callie Moore, recently completed the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 lead assessor training from ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board/ACLASS. According to the company, the intensive training required more than 35 hours of classroom time and additional out-of-classroom research and study.

Jim Gessert, Acertara executive vice president and CTO, noted that “Callie’s efforts in completing this important and difficult training underscores” the company’s commitment to providing high-quality testing services worldwide.

Acertara is an ISO17025:2005 accredited laboratory for acoustic power testing for ultrasound system regulatory submissions, including FDA 510(k) and IEC requirements. Acertara is also accredited for calibration activities focused on ultrasound devices and test instrumentation such as the FirstCall probe testing device, invented and designed by the Acertara R&D team more than 14 years ago.