Alpinion Medical Systems’ portable ultrasound system E-Cube i7 has recently received FDA clearance, in addition to winning the 2016 International Forum (iF) Design award. E-Cube i7, which took home top honors in the health/medicine category, beat out more than 5,000 entries from 53 nations.

Key features of the system include a blood-, fluid-, and dust-resistant keyboard, which contains a sliding cover. Clinicians suffering from wrist pain due to prolonged scanning time also benefit from E-Cube i7 since it offers arm and wrist support. And when the sliding cover is closed, the space can be utilized as a wrist rest. E-Cube i7 also offers a variety of transducers for applications including anesthesiology, pain management, orthopedic/musculoskeletal imaging, emergency medicine, and point of care.

In addition, the system’s Crystal Signature transducers improve penetration in difficult-to-image patients and reduce clutter, which enables clinicians to view fine structures in precise detail. The system also provides advanced imaging technologies including speckle reduction, spatial compounding, and harmonic imaging.

A jury of iF experts evaluated the E-Cube i7 on product design, workmanship, choice of materials, functionality, ergonomics, and safety. Alpinion Medical Systems CEO Seok-Bin Ko says the award demonstrates that his company “has truly gained international recognition in industrial design despite fierce competition from the world’s most well-known manufacturers.” He adds, “We will continue to correspond with end-users working in the field in order to integrate the user-experience and requirements in product development.”

For more information about this system, visit SonoDepot, the exclusive sales and service provider for the Alpinion ultrasound product line.