Paris-based breast specialist Cabinet Goumot et Associés has installed a Barco Coronis Uniti display system. The 12-megapixel display, which combines PACS and breast images in one workstation, is calibrated to meet the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine standard for grayscale and to provide consistent color. Coronis Uniti also permits automated quality assurance and calibration.

Cabinet Goumot official Pierre Alain Goumot, MD, says the display system enables physicians to easily detect breast cancer. “As a clinical radiologist specializing in mammography and sonography, I only have one objective: to detect breast cancer at its earliest possible stage,” he says. “Barco has always been a trusted partner in that quest.”

Plus, he says, Coronis Uniti’s 33-inch screen enables side-by-side comparison of multiple high-resolution images, in addition to minimizing head and eye movement and reducing the need for window leveling, panning, and zooming. Goumot further praises the system’s SpotView feature, which allows clinicians to zoom in on areas of concern.

“Equally impressive, of course, is the [system’s] image quality,” Goumot says. “Coronis Uniti guarantees razor-sharp precision and exceptional brightness. That really helps us to precisely pinpoint breast abnormalities, resulting in fewer unnecessary recalls and, in the end, less mortality.”

For more information about this system, visit Barco.