E-Service Portal
STERIS Corp (Mentor, Ohio) has replaced its former Webparts site with an enhanced, user-friendly e-Service portal. Providing all the features of the former site, the new e-Service portal eliminates the process of requesting quotes, waiting for responses, and then calling in or faxing the order. Customers can now place online orders directly and immediately from their home or office, which makes the process more convenient. Customers can also search for parts by part number or equipment name, or by illustrated views. In addition, the STERIS e-Service portal allows customers to create and save often-ordered items in a shopping list, expedite future orders, and track their shipping and invoice history. Once customers register at the STERIS e-Service Portal, they have access to current pricing, can choose their method of shipment, and can place an order using either a credit card or a purchase order. (800) 333-8828; www.eservice.steris.com.
Test Lung System
South Pacific Biomedical (Temecula, Calif) introduces the TL2 Test Lung System, a ventilator training and testing system with two lungs—just like human beings. The TL2 will work with all of your ventilators throughout their entire range of parameters, from 25 mL to 2.5 L in any ventilation mode, with effortless flow and pressure-triggering capabilities to -20 cm H2O. The R3 Adapter, a three-in-one parabolic-resistance tool (Rp5, Rp20, Rp50) can be used individually or in combination to create the user’s own unique resistances. At only 12.9 ounces, the TL2 is lightweight and small enough to fit easily into a service case or briefcase. (877) 676-1444; www.southpb.com.
Defibrillator Analyzer
BC Group (St Louis) introduces its new line of defibrillator analyzers: the DA-2006 (without pacing capabilities) and the DA-2006P (with pacing capabilities). The DA-2006 series of defibrillator analyzers are microprocessor-based instruments that test defibrillators by measuring their energy output and providing information about their pulse. They can be used on manual, semiautomatic, and automatic defibrillators with biphasic or monophasic outputs. The DA-2006P series provides a transcutaneous pacemaker-analysis function. They measure and display pacer-pulse information as well as perform refractory period, sensitivity, and immunity tests. The DA-2006 series has a unique protection for the pacing board. Its main features include fully AED compatible, 5000 V and 1000 J capacity, high and low ranges, a cardioversion delay measurement, a charge time measurement, a graphics display with simultaneous detailed status of parameters and scrolling control of options, and a demand-sensitivity test. (800) 242-8428; www.bcgroupintl.com.

Quest International (Irvine, Calif) offers Totoku Medical Display’s ME511L 5MP LCD. With US Food and Drug Administration 510(k) approval for use in all digital mammography applications, the Totoku ME511L is a 21.3-inch, DICOM-calibrated, diagnostic display with an 11.9-bit grayscale palette, a 750 cd/m2 brightness, and a 2048 x 2560 (5MP) resolution. The LCD provides film-like images and wide viewing angles, and it interfaces with Totoku’s performance-monitoring software for remote display status.

Totoku’s product line of DICOM-compliant medical displays are available in 1.3MP to 5MP, grayscale and color, and single- and multihead configurations. Quest, an authorized master distributor and repair center for Totoku Medical Displays, sells and repairs all makes and models of display monitors, LCDs, VCRs, VTRs, printers, and workstations. It also sells and remanufactures CRTs. (800) 231-6777; www.questinc.com.