At the December 2014 RSNA meeting in Chicago, Royal Philips announced the creation of a consortium “to drive the creation of mobile ultrasound solutions.” According to the company, the new consortium “will consist of experts from across the health continuum, including bioengineers, radiologists, clinicians, and payors.” Consortium members will search for “ways to extend the reach of ultrasound applications into the hands of more health care professionals.”

The Philips consortium builds on app-based technology the company has developed to interface with its HealthSuite Digital Platform. The company says it is actively recruiting consortium members and will convene the group twice a year.

“We believe collaboration around the most innovative technology is the best way to solve the industry’s problems,” Vitor Rocha, CEO and senior vice president of ultrasound for Philips Imaging Systems said in a press release. The consortium, Rocha continued, “will enable us to test a number of new uses for ultrasound that will help clinicians make better, faster diagnoses and ultimately reduce healthcare costs.”

For information about how to join the consortium visit the Philips Healthcare website.