GE Healthcare has announced the use of its new pocket-sized ultrasound device, Vscan, at the medical emergency unit extension of the Whistler Polyclinic for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Vscan is a prescription device for ultrasound imaging, measurement, and analysis, as for patient examination in primary care and in special care areas.

Vscan weighs less than a pound, and utilizes GE’s high-quality black and white image technology and color-coded blood flow imaging. Additional features include:

  • An online portal providing training tools for the product and basic clinical applications with sections about imaging technique, anatomy, and trouble shooting;
  • Intuitive user interface that can be controlled using the thumb;
  • Battery charger station and battery life of one hour scanning— good for up to 30 patients;
  • Voice annotation;
  • USB docking station;
  • Link to a PC for organization and export of data; and
  • Gateway software with services tools and remote diagnostics.

"We are thrilled to have access to this new ultrasound innovation at the Whistler Polyclinic to help deliver outstanding health care support to the range of individuals visiting the Olympic competitions," said Dr Ross Brown, manager of the Whistler Polyclinic.