Carestream has announced that two of its DRX-Ascend systems, equipped with DRX-1C detectors for improved imaging workflow, have been installed at Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons PC, an orthopedic practice in Cartersville, Ga, that performs imaging studies with multiple views for up to 70 patients a day.

According to the announcement, the ceiling-mounted tube of the DRX-Ascend system requires little effort from the technologist and offers flexibility for cross table exams, stretcher patients, and weight-bearing feet exams. The integrated console streamlines workflow, and the 65 kW generator helps create higher-quality images with lower dose for patients. The ceiling tube can move all over the room, reducing workload for technologists and improving convenience for patients, says the company.

Carestream’s software automatically stitches together two or three images of a spine or leg, producing a final long-length image within minutes. The system’s elevating, float-top table accommodates patients of up to 650 pounds, and can be raised and lowered to address the limited mobility of post-operative and severely injured patients.

The Georgia facility, which specializes in sports medicine, spine, total joint replacement, knee and shoulder surgery, general orthopedics, physical medicine, and rehabilitation, reports that the flexibility and speed of the new DRX-Ascend systems has enhanced productivity and efficiency, allowing technologists to capture complex x-ray studies in less than 2 minutes. Orthopedic surgeons can quickly review the images on PACS workstations, and discuss treatment options with patients.

For more information about the DRX-Ascend and other imaging systems, visit the Carestream website.