United Imaging, which manufactures advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, is a Silver sponsor at this year’s ISMRM meeting, where it will show its full range of advanced preclinical and clinical MRI technology for the first time. The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine meeting is taking place June 3-8 in Toronto, Canada. 

United Imaging also hosted a symposium at ISMRM, on June 4th moderated by Dr Abram Voorhees, about the role of 5T in expanding access to ultra-high-field MRI (“Introducing uMR Jupiter 5T: An Entirely New Species”). United Imaging introduced the 5T Jupiter, a whole-body 5 Tesla magnet designed to open access to ultra-high-field MRI, at ECR in Vienna earlier this year; it is not commercially available for clinical use in the U.S.

The symposium also covered the application developing environment and programming tools (ADEPT), a comprehensive open MR development platform including pulse sequence design and AI-empowered reconstruction – also not commercially available for clinical use in the U.S.

“We’ve been supporting ISMRM and engaging with the community for many years,” says Abram Voorhees, PhD, vice president of the MR business in the United States. “And the time is right for United Imaging to exhibit at this important meeting. The conversations we hope to engage in are about MRI innovations that expand accessibility of the technology – for research and clinical application – to put new and powerful tools in the hands of those that can advance the science and serve the patients in their communities – that is what our mission of equal healthcare for all is about.”

Jeffrey M. Bundy, PhD, CEO of United Imaging Healthcare Solutions, echoes the importance of the company’s mission. “A lot of the industry talks about ‘access’ – it’s a very common term. In our mission, which we pursue every day, the emphasis is on ‘equal.’  It’s not enough to provide access to MRI – we believe people should have access to exams of similar quality whoever they are and wherever they live,” he says. “Our role in that as a manufacturer should be to develop technology that can be made accessible seamlessly across our systems, and to any type of facility, not just those which are well funded or in an academic institution. We challenge ourselves and the rest of the manufacturing community to innovate that way, in technology and in business models, to bring the imaging technologies to market in novel ways to all communities.”

Delivering on its promise of equal access, United Imaging is announcing newly FDA-cleared 1.5T and 3T system releases including uMR 680 and uMR OMEGA with detachable tables, SuperFlex coils, and device-less respiratory gating—and a new software release that will bring the latest software baseline to all United Imaging MR systems.

To continuously increase equal access for patients, the company’s latest innovations will be delivered to the United Imaging installed base as part of the company’s Software Upgrades for Life program. Thanks to this program, existing customers will receive more than 20 software features and applications, along with training, at no additional charge.

Featured image: uMR 680 with uAIFi artificial intelligence technology. Photo: United Imaging