Aycan has introduced ayDCE software, developed to help expedite the review and documentation of mpMRI scans, which have been rising in usage to detect carcinomas in prostrates and other areas.

Powered by aycan workstation, ayDCE helps urology and radiology specialists to evaluate and document dynamic contrasts shown in mpMRI scans up to 70% faster than with traditional methods, generating structured reports with key images for sharing with colleagues and patients.

Key capabilities of ayDCE include a structured report template for easy calculation of PI-RADS score; integration of key images into structured reports; evaluation of dynamic MRI/CT examinations; individual hanging protocols; representation of contrast medium dynamics; color superposition of semi-quantitative parameters; and structured findings.

Aycan workstation is an FDA 510(k) cleared, vendor-neutral, highly functional advanced image-processing tool and DICOM PACS workstation for conventional, multislice and other image reading.

For more information about this imaging software, visit Aycan.