Volpara Solutions Inc. launched two new products designed to help maintain consistent quality in breast screening and help identify women who may be at high risk of developing cancer, at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). The company introduced VolparaEnterprise Live!, a mammography quality control tool that provides the technologist with real-time, quality feedback at the gantry, and VolparaRisk software, which is designed to help identify high risk women based on factors other than family history who might be overlooked otherwise.

Designed to help technologists acquire consistent, high quality mammograms, VolparaEnterprise Live! calculates the patient positioning score, dose, and compression pressure for each image within 30 seconds of acquisition. Pending regulatory approval, VolparaEnterprise Live! puts quality data in the technologists’ hands before the patient leaves the room. This helps reduce technical recalls and retakes and promote mammography quality.

VolparaRisk software helps identify those women who may be at increased risk of developing breast cancer, irrespective of family history, and may benefit from a full risk assessment work-up. VolparaRisk software, available on the VolparaEnterprise Breast Imaging metrics platform, applies data ranking once the Volpara clinical applications process the mammogram. Each mammogram is ranked according to the magnitude of the mammographic density relative to the woman’s age and breast size. This helps identify additional women who can be directed to the facility’s high-risk clinic, and potentially, to supplemental screening.

VolparaEnterprise software provides comprehensive assessment of image quality on every mammography or tomosynthesis study, including patient positioning and compression. It provides automated ConstantQuality performance monitoring through dynamic, interactive dashboards that drive technologist training and quality improvement programs. Additionally, it has been designed to help facilities comply with the FDA’s new EQUIP inspection program.

Volpara will also showcase its new VolparaEnterprise DDP software. The VolparaEnterprise Clinical Applications software package offers access to VolparaDensity, VolparaDose, and VolparaPressure, in a software-as-a-service subscription model for the first time. Volpara Solutions will showcase its entire suite of quantitative breast imaging tools, which allow for personalized measurements of volumetric breast density, patient dose, breast compression, and other factors designed to help maintain accuracy and consistent quality in breast screening. VolparaEnterprise Clinical Applications provide quick, automated assessment of every mammography and tomosynthesis exam and produces a Volpara Scorecard for every patient.

“Building on the foundation of reproducible, accurate assessment of volumetric breast density, Volpara continues to develop new ways to deliver robust performance, quality, and cancer detection data to radiologists to make better decisions about each patient’s personalized screening needs,” says Ralph Highnam, PhD, Volpara chief scientist and CEO.