Dallas-based Cooper Clinic has chosen to add Hologic’s Genius 3D mammography platform to its existing breast health and diagnostic imaging services. Detecting 41% more invasive breast cancers, the Genius 3D mammography platform does so 15 months earlier than other available technologies;in addition, providers are able to reduce false positives by up to 40% with this technology.

From the patient experience, it’s similar to the traditional 2D mammogram; the machine performs a 4-second scan of the breast.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between blood vessels, milk ducts, and fat and ligaments in the breast. That’s why the Genius 3D mammography solution, which uses breast tomosynthesis, views the breast one layer at a time by taking multiple photos of each layer.

“All women should have full understanding of breast cancer and mammography to make better informed decisions regarding breast health care,” says R. Vance Dell, MD, a radiologist and breast imaging subspecialist at Cooper Clinic. “Knowing the facts about breast cancer decreases the fear, empowering women to address their health concerns head on.”

Camron Nelson, MD, president and CEO of Cooper Clinic reinforced Dell’s comments. “Our patients are our top priority, and we’re pleased to have the opportunity to offer them the most advanced breast imaging technology available along with same-day results,” Nelson says.

For more information about this mammography platform, visit Hologic.