UCHealth, a Denver-area-based system of five hospitals and more than 100 clinics, has expanded its use of Riverain’s ClearRead bone suppression and ClearRead Confirm software to five of its flagship hospitals. With this move, patients throughout the health system will have access to the same tools designed to deliver more effective detection of lung diseases, such as lung cancer.

Because the ClearRead tools are in use throughout UCHealth, patients and clinicians alike will have access to the technology—regardless of the imaging location within the network.

Forming a soft-tissue image by subtracting both ribs and clavicles from the standard chest x-ray, ClearRead bone suppression helps radiologists in their detection of lung disease. The software, which is informed by machine learning, can provide comprehensive, pixel-level bone suppression throughout the entire body. The ClearRead Confirm software optimizes the visual quality of chest x-rays, and that enables radiologists to interpret studies up to 19% faster.

“The ClearRead technology enables us to detect lung disease and critical care devices such as tubes and lines more quickly and efficiently,” says Peter Sachs, MD, associate professor and chief of cardiothoracic imaging at the University of Colorado Hospital.

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