Planmed 500Planmed has received the European CE mark for both its Planmed Clarity 2D full-field digital mammography system—which can be upgraded to digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT)—and its Planmed Clarity 3D DBT system. The latter product, in particular, is suited for patients with dense breasts, with Planmed’s tomosynthesis method improving image accuracy in this population.

What’s more, the 3D system’s Continuous Sync-and-Shoot method enables reconstructions with a higher visibility of microcalcifications and delicate tissue structures. This approach to tomosynthesis imaging eliminates motion blur and artifact intrusion, helping clinicians visualize small calcifications and blood vessels.

Both systems, however, feature a digital detector for mobile screenings, as well as the Planmed Clarity Flow touch control with dual touchscreens. Such technology led to the Planmed Clarity 2D and the Planmed Clarity 3D winning the Red Dot Design Award for manufacturing—an honor, Planmed Managing Director Jan Moed says, that speaks to the company’s dedication to innovatively combating breast cancer.

“We are convinced that both systems will be well accepted,” Moed says. “The Red Dot jury especially valued their eye-catching and functional design, which also enhances ergonomics.” She says the adaptive touch control of the systems will also boost usability.

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