GE Healthcare enters the American digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) market with FDA approval earlier this month of the company’s SenoClaire, only the second DBT system available in the country.

“With the FDA’s approval of SenoClaire, we build on our breast care continuum, which offers physicians and patients a complete suite of solutions—from screening and diagnosis through treatment and monitoring,” said Catherine Tabaka, chief marketing officer, GE Healthcare, Detection and Guidance Solutions. “SenoClaire not only offers patients a new solution to help clinicians better detect breast cancer, but does so with low dose radiation and high image quality. This new generation technology, breast tomosynthesis, together with innovative solutions like contrast enhanced spectral mammography, automated whole breast ultrasound, and molecular breast imaging will equip healthcare providers with a comprehensive set of tools that will help their patients across the entire breast care continuum.”

DBT delivers high detective quantum efficiency (DQE) at low dose for visualizing microcalcifications without binning, a process that regroups pixels for faster readout speeds and improved signal-to-noise ratios, but with reduced image quality, according to the company. Due to its low dose and non-inferior clinical accuracy, GE Healthcare believes SenoClaire could eventually replace digital mammography exams in screening to detect breast cancer.