Agfa crToronto-based Halton Healthcare has selected Agfa HealthCare’s DR 600 system for four new direct radiography (DR) x-ray rooms. The facilities will open as part of Halton’s Milton District Hospital renovation, which is slated for completion next fall. The DR 600 was chosen primarily for its ZeroForce technology, which allows the tube head, wall stand, and table to move in all directions.

From an ergonomic perspective, this capability has a big impact on patient care, says Agfa’s imaging solution manager Kristen Andreopoulos. “Our unique ZeroForce technology makes x-ray production faster and virtually effortless for technologists. These improvements often result in reduced strain on the technologist, increased patient comfort, and shorter exam times.”

The DR 600 also comes equipped with EasyStitch technology, which is designed for full-leg/full-spine imaging. Offering angular tracking for dedicated exams, EasyStitch enables accurate stitching via motorized movement of the wall stand and tube head. And an optional table overlay allows full-leg/full-spine exams to be performed recumbently.

Other key features of the DR 600 system include a touchscreen control panel and image preview, which reduces time between exposures and results in higher patient throughput. In addition, Agfa’s Musica image processing software improves image quality via fractional multiscale processing, which decomposes image components in microscopic fractions for separate processing. Finally, the DR 600 comes with a choice of fixed, tethered, or wireless detectors based on either gadolinium oxy-sulphide or cesium iodide technology. When combined with Musica, the latter can reduce dose by up to 60%.

For more information about this system, visit Agfa HealthCare.